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9 Amazing Things You Can Do with a Photocopier

In this blog post, we’ll be talking about photocopiers. You may have seen one in your workplace or at a school and wondered what it was used for. This article will discuss nine things you can do with a photocopier to make life easier and more efficient!

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What are the nine things you can do with a photocopier?

#1 – Duplicate documents

– Make duplicates of your essential papers or work-related document to give to others who need them but don’t have the original. This is great for teachers in school because they can share their lesson plans with colleagues and substitutes.

#2- Create posters

– Can’t find a poster at home? No problem! Just type in what you want on your sign, hit print out, and voila! Your new paper wall art is ready to go. We’ve also heard that laminating it before printing will keep the colours more vibrant for more extended periods, too, so there’s another pro tip for you.

#3- Print photocopies

– You can find photocopiers with a printer attached, so it’s like getting two machines in one. It makes photo printing super easy and quick, not to mention that there is no need to buy separate photo paper!

#4- Copy double-sided pages

– If the document has both sides printed on it, then use the copy machine’s double-sided option and save lots of time when making your duplicates. This way, if something happens to one of them (you know how kids are!), you still have the other available for everyone else who needs it too!

#5 – Make flyers

– Flyers can be made by copying the pages on one side of a sheet, then turning them sideways and taping or stapling them together to form your document. It’s quick and straightforward for anyone who needs materials in a hurry!

#6 – Copybooks

– If you have children at home that love reading, but everything is too expensive, so you don’t buy any new ones, photocopy an old book with pictures removed into blank spaces before handing it over to the next time they want to read something. You’ll save money while still giving them access to stories about their favourite characters without having to worry about damage from writing or drawing all over the pages!

#7 – Save essential documents

– photocopy essential documents like your passport or birth certificate and keep them in a photo album. If the original was damaged, you can’t use it to get another one from an embassy, but with a photocopy of the same document, you have two copies which are better than nothing!

#8 – Photocopier for tracing

– photocopy something onto clear acetate first before using it as a transparent surface to trace over when drawing pictures if you want precise lines without spending time measuring everything out every single time. You’ll be able to draw quickly and easily with this method.

#9 – Photocopier for photo editing

– if you’re trying to make your photo prettier, go ahead and use a photocopy machine. Please make sure the image is well lit before you do this to be seen more easily on the final product. You’ll have a better chance of getting things right with this method than using paint or markers because there’s no guesswork involved, just straight precision!

If you know how to use a photocopy machine effectively, it will save your company money on office supplies like paper, ink cartridges, and printer toner replacements; plus, everyone in your company may have access at any given moment without having to wait for a photocopy machine technician.

When you know how to use the photocopier effectively, it will make your life much easier; this knowledge could be helpful in several areas of your daily activities, including work, school, home tasks and more!

What are the advantages of getting a photocopier?

  • Photocopy machines are simple to use;
  • Photocopiers make life easier by allowing you to quickly print copies of important documents and revise your paper as needed. You can also take advantage of photocopy machine features such as printing in both black & white and colour modes or enlarging a page size for reading comfort.
  • They allow you the convenience of copying any paper (including handwritten pages), whether made from different types like glossy photo paper or non-colour laser sheets and more!


  • Photocopiers make life easier by allowing you to quickly print copies of important documents and revise your paper as needed
  • Photocopiers allow you the convenience of copying any paper (including handwritten pages)
  • Photocopy machines are simple to use; they’re ideal for anyone with a busy schedule or who doesn’t want to invest in their straightforward printer.