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The Pros and Cons of Multifunction Printers

If you’re starting up in business and thinking of getting a copier machine, copier leasing is ideal for you. There are so many advantages that you can get in copier leasing services. One of these is getting a copier of your choice. 

Copier leasing in Buffalo offers different copier machines that you can lease. One of the best copiers for today’s use is the multi-function copiers.

MFD or multi-function printers are all-in-one copiers that have multiple functions. These copiers are not limited to printing. They can also copy documents, scan and even fax too. It’s definitely an all-in-one machine. 

The invention of this machine is pretty cool. But everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Listed below are the pros and cons that you must know before getting a multi-function printer from the copier leasing services in Buffalo


  • CONVENIENCE. Multifunction printers offer some more features you may not have bought otherwise. An example is the fax capabilities, which allows you to send or receive fax from time-to-time. The ability to scan and print an image or a document using the same machine is also a great convenience. It saves you the time of walking to two different devices.
  • SPACE SAVINGS. One of the best advantages of using a multifunction printer is the amount of space it saves. Having an MFP is very beneficial for home and office settings since you can save more floor spaces. This machine has the functionality of a printer, a copier, a scanner, and a fax machine. Since this machine won’t produce clutter, you can work without any space constraints.
  • COST SAVINGS. Buying one machine which can perform the task of 4 different pieces of equipment is such a steal. A price for an all-in-one may indeed exceed that of a traditional printer. But, the total cost is lower compared to buying four different devices. That means you can increase your productivity without paying for each feature. Also, maintaining one device costs way less than maintaining many machines.
  • POWER SAVINGS. It needs only one cord to support the entire set up by a multifunction printer. One wire not only cuts congestion but also reduces the amount of electricity needs to run the device. It will lead to increased cost savings; very beneficial for healthy budgeting.
  • IMPROVED DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT. Mobile printing is becoming a desirable function to have these days. Most models now on the market come with software that lets any mobile device operate the printer. It can put all organization’s printing structure in one place – physical and digital. Such printers have the advantages of transforming your office into a productivity powerhouse. 
  • EASIER TO CONTROL. Controlling the printing environment is significant. It increases security and decreases printing costs. It cuts unauthorized printing, whether it is from the employees or not. It is easier to track and control access if all printing goes through one network only.
  • CONSUMABLES SAVINGS. These printers reduce the total cost of papers and ink cartridges. It is easier to digitize documents and turn them into other digital formats. With the use of these printers, businesses no longer estimate costs.
  • ONE INTERFACE TO LEARN. With multifunction printers, users only need to learn one interface. Since they are easy to use, having one facilitates efficiency.


  • HIGH MISCELLANEOUS COSTS. Using these kinds of printers is expensive. When an issue occurs, the maintenance is a bit costly. Ink consumption will be fast because of the different functions it offers.
  • TIME. “First in, first out” rule, that’s how most printers operate. Meaning, tasks could stack up depending on the machine’s speed and the number of people using it. Some may have to wait for several minutes to more than an hour, halting their working time.
  • MULTIFUNCTION ASPECT. The device’s different features could also be a disadvantage. It is because if one function of the machine fails, all other activities could break down, too.

Multifunction printers are best for offices with demanding but generalized printing needs. There are many types of multifunction printers on the market these days. All offer a variety of capabilities, meaning you also have many choices. Yet, the right selection will transform your print environment into productivity. Be wise enough. Good luck!