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Reasons And Methods For Switching To A New Copier Leasing Firm

Service no longer meets your needs and can be challenging to let go of. So why stick around with a copier leasing service that doesn’t fit your needs? Switching providers even while you’re in the middle of a contract is possible, and it may even save you money.

Keep reading to find out when and how to make the switch and why you should.

Reasons To Switch Copier Leasing Companies

You are receiving substandard service.

A copier leasing company’s primary function is service and support. Consider switching if your copier leasing company is unreliable. When you lease a copier from a leasing company, you should not have to worry about maintaining it. It makes a minimal effort with repairs. Inadequate service is a legitimate reason to look out for another company that will cause you fewer headaches. Less reputable copier equipment leasing companies will make a minimal effort with repairs, delay replacements, or refuse to assist you when problems arise. You want a copier leasing company that will collaborate with you to keep downtime to a minimum.

You’re Being Over-billed

Spending more money than necessary is a no-no for anyone. If you believe your current provider has overcharged you, the time has come to look for a new copier leasing company. Don’t stay with a service that doesn’t meet your needs, especially if your lease expires. Pay attention to what you’re getting out of the deal. Constantly rising prices signify that you’re being overcharged (also known as a lease escalation clause). A good copier leasing company should provide you with a fixed price throughout the lease.

Reasons And Methods For Switching To A New Copier Leasing Firm

Suggestions For An Easy Transition To A New Copy Machine Leasing Company

Return The Old Copy Machine

Returning a copier is required if you terminate your lease or change jobs. Best copier leasing companies can assist you in producing your old copier for your previous employer. Ensure that you have proof of delivery to avoid any charges or liabilities.

Keep Your Personal Information Private

Some of these businesses include legal and financial services and health care. Many service businesses place a high value on digital file security. It’s possible that even the most diligent of computer and hard drive stewards aren’t aware that copiers store scanned files on their internal hard drives. When you’re handing in your old copier, be sure to wipe or destroy these files.

Learn About The New Copier Leasing Company’s Services Before Signing A Lease Agreement

 In addition to renting the copiers that small businesses need, these companies offer maintenance and repair services. Managed print services are available from some vendors, such as SOS, that can help you reduce waste and lower printing costs.

Keep Your Service And Your Lease Separate.

 Copier leasing companies should assist you in understanding the terms of the deal. The lease of the copier and the service contract may be included in the same agreement. Copier leasing service agreements can be purchased separately from the long-term lease of the copier, allowing you to make changes to your service contract at any time. This is also an excellent place to look for lease escalation clauses, which can help you avoid price increases.

Get Familiar With The Supply Chain.

In some service contracts, parts and supplies like toner are replenished. Some copiers can notify your service company when you are running low, and they will automatically send replacements to you. Having a clear understanding of the ordering process in advance will ensure that you never run out of supplies.


Don’t wait another year or more to get out of a bad contract. Explore your options now, rather than waiting until your lease is up. A better copier leasing company may become available when your current agreement expires; at the very least, you’ll have the opportunity to find a new provider. In some cases, new companies may be able to pay off your old lease and incorporate it into a new contract with them. Switching to a new service provider could save you money and improve your service simultaneously.


Transitioning from one copier leasing company to the next doesn’t have to be difficult if you follow the proper steps. You should expect that your service provider will go out of its way to make your experience with their product as simple as possible. Keep up with your leases so you don’t have to deal with expensive issues or service interruptions that can cost a lot of time and money.

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