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Photocopiers: Issues and Procedures in Fixing Them

All kinds of equipment can face many problems. This is not new, especially when this equipment is being used longer. This is also not new to photocopiers. That is why users must be familiar with these problems and how to solve them. By this, one can save time, money, and effort.

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Issues and Ways on Fixing Photocopiers Problems

To avoid experiencing panic when faced with common photocopier issues, know how to solve these problems. The following are good guides on the common photocopier problems and how to fix them.

Jamming of Papers: Photocopier Issue and Solution 1

This kind of photocopier problem can be frustrating, especially when people rush for deadlines. They can do several steps that they think can fix the photocopier issue but only result in a greater problem. Patience is a must in fixing this problem. One can solve this problem by reading the photocopier manual. One can avoid this problem if they align the papers in good order. It is also a must to remember to use the exact quality and type of paper before loading it on the tray.

Issues on Toner: Photocopier Issue and Solution 2

The problem with toner might be because of the wrong position of the device. This can also occur because the toner might not be compatible. The photocopier requires a specific kind of toner for the process to work. To avoid this problem from arising, asking for a specialist in the machine is a must. 

Issues on Paper Dirt: Photocopier Issue and Solution 3

This photocopier issue is not new, especially to people who often use this device. This is a problem, especially when the paper is too neat, but undetermined lines are still visible. This will become an issue when submitting for requirements. One application may not look presentable if there is dirt on it. When one encounters this problem, they must know that this is due to some unnecessary things exerted on the device. To solve this photocopier issue, one must need the advice of a specialist. This is to avoid extra damage to the equipment. Also, to know what needs to be done if this photocopier issue arises again. 

Papers that not straightened: Photocopier Issue and Solution 4

Customers will be disappointed if they see that their papers are not in order. They will also be upset if the papers given to them are folded and crinkled. This photocopier issue happens because the feed and other rollers are not functioning well. One can solve this issue by buying photocopier trays. If this issue is not yet solved, it calls for the help of someone who specializes in machines. On the other hand, folded and creased papers may be because some papers are stuck in the machine. To avoid this issue, make sure that one must know the numbers that the machine can process at a given time in photocopying. 

Poor Quality of Copy: Photocopier Issue and Solution 5

When one is having a busy time and encountering this kind of problem, they may get disappointed. This will consume most of their time wondering what went wrong in the machine. This photocopier arises because there is an imbalance in the number of papers. This is called density. The best way to solve this photocopier problem is by referring to the device’s manuals. One can also call for help from an expert.


Issues with photocopiers are not new. The best way to solve these issues is to be familiar with their causes. One can refer to the photocopier guide in solving the problems if they may call the help from an expert.

This article is all about the issues on photocopiers and the best way to solve them.