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Canon imageClass MF424dw Review

The Canon imageClass MF424dw is a common printer leased among other copiers in copier lease Buffalo services. It seems to appeal amongst many business groups in Buffalo for the reason that to get it out of a copier lease is such a steal for its many office-useful specs. Quite a hyped product, isn’t it?

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Of course, we don’t just want to rely on hearsays. That is why we have gathered all the information you need when considering a copier lease for this product. Below are the pros and cons of the Canon imageClass MF424dw  that may or may not get you in that copier leasing agreement for it. Does it really stand out from the rest of the copiers specs-wise, or is it just like the rest of them, only hyped? Let’s find out!

What are the advantages?

5-inch touchscreen display

The 5-inch touchscreen display of the MF424dw is a to-die-for feature. Imagine not having to use those hard buttons to choose a function. Also, not only is this touchscreen display big enough for any size of fingers; you can also customize the functions or buttons to appear on the panel. Isn’t that just office-friendly at its finest?

This panel is also not on a flat surface on the printer itself. It is attached to the printer. It is displayed parallel to you instead of you having to look flat down on it on the printer. With a touchscreen this big and customizable, you can easily access all the functions there are in this printer. Some buy printers with amazing features but fail to enjoy them because of the lack of easy access to them.

Expandable capacity for paper input

The MF424dw is indeed a gift to workplaces. It can accept 250 sheets on its paper tray and 100 sheets in bypass. It also has an optional tray for 550 sheets that can add up to the MF424dw’s already large paper capacity. In total, there is a maximum of 900 sheets this printer can hold.

This is good as you don’t want an office printer that can only hold a very limited number of paper on its tray. We all know how offices tend to get really busy, right?

Low running costs

The MF424dw has an excellent cartridge-toner yield that makes this printer low in running costs. It means that you spend less in toner expenses yet you get high volumes of output your office may demand. Economic, right?

Reasonable speed for its price
The MF424dw does not come with very high speed that can highly compete with those really fast-producing printers in the market. However, it is guaranteed that this particular model comes with a speed enough to produce outputs without making your employees wait in queues. It is also the kind of speed that is just perfect for what you are paying this machine for. Once again, it never fails to make it worth your bucks.

Amazing text quality output

The printer is notable for its quality output with texts and minor graphics. This makes it really worth it for its price and other awesome specs. If you want a printer that can give you such a quality text output where you can see all the details of the letters clearly and almost alive, this office printer is a must-have indeed!

What are the disadvantages?
Photograph output quality

The MF424dw is not really a photo printer. It simply isn’t big at that. Tests say that for its price and compared to its text output quality, it could have been better. Still, it isn’t. Since you may use it purely for office print demands though, a quality photo output may no longer be that big an issue for you to back out on the rest of the good qualities of this printer.