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Looking For The Best Printer Features For Artists? Check This Out!

Are you looking to buy a new large-format inkjet printer but you are not sure how to look for one that is great for artists? If you are looking to upgrade from what you own or to get a new one, there are things that you need to consider in order for it matches what you need in a printer. Here are the things that you need to consider when buying a printer that is meant for artists:

Image quality

Depending on your needs and your target market, your image quality requirements may differ. You need to check on the resolution, printers can produce a minimum of 1200 dpi print resolution that would suit fine art reproduction and photography well. Most printers have a lot of resolution modes, so be sure to look for the one that has a wide range of capabilities in terms of print resolution. 

Also, check on the colour gamut, some newer printers have improved ink sets which widen the printable gamut that you can get. Gamut comparisons are sometimes included in information kits or printed brochures, so check the available downloads at the manufacturer’s site. Another fast way to judge achievable gamut with different printers is to download the manufacturer’s included ICC profiles for the printer you are considering. When you soft-proof a profile on the screen, you can see what colours the printer can reproduce accurately without shifting the colours. 

Density is also important, ink density equates to deep, rich and vibrant colours. Different kinds of ink sets can achieve higher or lower ink densities, so it is important to compare printed samples. If you have a densitometer, you can try to get black and white pictures and you can take delta readings of the black ink density. This is a good indication of which ink set can yield higher densities. 

Media handling

Make a list of the things that you print on currently, then add the media that you would like to use and add them to the list. Newer printers have expanded capabilities for 3rd party media, so you can find a printer that can handle everything that you want to throw at it. While some copiers might be better for photography, others may be suited for outdoor signage and short term graphics. 

Media thickness is also something that you need to consider, so look at the specification sheet of the printer to know what paper thickness it can handle. If you can see the printer in action, you can make a note of how it handles different media that is loaded. 

Does thick media load easily? What about the sheetfed media and the manual loading trays of the printer? You do not want to struggle to use your printer, so look for these points when demoing a new printer. 

Size and speed

The size of the printer depends on what image sizes you wish to print. Know what sizes are most requested and this will be a great starting point. Ask your customers what sizes they would be most interested in if you had larger print capabilities. Look at what print size options are available in your printer and you can get a good idea for what is most common. 

Ease of use

Sometimes, we focus on the feature so much that we forget the importance of the usability of the printer. Having a printer that is easy to sue means less troubleshooting and frustration. If there will be more than one user, production can be seamless if there is less guesswork with the settings and the printer. 


Usually, the most overlooked aspect when purchasing a printer is product support. Struggling to get a product working properly can be a bit frustrating experience. Before you purchase a printer, find out what it supports, does it support phone and email? Does the technical support staff respond fast? Do you have access to an expert or experienced users? Are there any 3rd party ICC profiles easily attainable? 

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