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How To Help Your Company Save On Printing Expenses?

A penny saved is a penny earned. If saving more pennies is an accomplishment, imagine saving 80,000 pennies in a month. That is what organizations should be doing in order to save on printing costs. If you are curious about how other organizations were able to save on their printing costs, you can check on some of the tips that you can apply in your own company. 

Ask if printing is necessary.

Do you really need to have a hard copy of this document or email? Decreasing the level of unnecessary prints can help affect your total costs positively. Simply encourage your employees to ask themselves if they need their documents or emails printed.

Require a password or ID number.

Software requiring a password or requiring the user to scan an ID to release print jobs can help eliminate the printing of unnecessary or unwanted documents. 

Set efficient defaults.

Think about all the times that you have sent a document to print in colour when you could have chosen to print it in black-and-white. When configuring your user access and printers, default your settings to print black-and-white and double-sided. Decreasing the level of colour toner that is used and cutting the paper usage in half can significantly affect your total printing costs. 

Eliminate personal printers.

Personal printers that are easy to access can encourage negative printing habits. If an employee has to travel to the printer, even if it is only a few steps, they will be more cautious of unneeded printing. This will also cut down on the additional supply inventory needed, like paper and ink cartridges, for each personal printer. 

Install tracking software.

When you use applications and print tracking software, you will know the types of jobs and the volume of prints each printer is handling, versus what you believe it is doing. The data provided by your print tracking software will help you know the area for improvement. 

MPS or managed print service is a program offered by a print provider that manages all aspects of your company’s printing devices, including scanners, printers, copiers, and faxes. The optimization of these devices enables businesses to save money, increase efficiency and produce less paper waste. 

Another tip is by using a toner-sipping font. Century Gothic, Times New Roman, and Ecofont are some of the most economical fonts, and Arial is a toner hog. In tests comparing usage between Century Gothic and Arial, Century Gothic delivered a 31% savings over Arial. 

Also, you need to proof before you print. You can use the print preview and look for layout issues and errors. Take a few seconds to make sure that what you see in the preview is what you want to print. If the image is too big to print, you can downsize the image to 90% or 80% or as you need, until the image fits on the paper. 

If you do not need it physically, you can save the document through PDF. Let it remain virtual, instead of selecting a printer when it comes time to save and distribute your final document, you can select “print to PDF.” This way, you can preserve your document according to what you need, save it and save it in an email or you can hoist it to the cloud, like Google Drive.

If you have more questions about how to save money on your printing, you can contact your local leasing company. If you do not have a printer yet, you can get a printer that has money-saving features.

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