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When To Get Copier Repair For Xerox

Copiers are your company’s investment and they can make a positive impact on your ability and productivity to disseminate information and create valuably printable for your clients and employees. When your copier is not working, your company loses valuable time while waiting for it to be fixed. But if you are finding that your copier is down more than it is up and running, it is time to consider the possibility of replacing it. 

If your printer or copier is broken more often than it is not, there are two things to consider. One is that the company who is servicing and fixing it is not competent, they may not have enough experience to fix your particularity machine, so getting a second opinion on your issues could be warranted. if your second service company still is not able to resolve the issue, you will need to consider replacing the machine. 

We all know about the latest and greatest technology and we understand that you may not need to keep up with every new development in copiers. But when you are dealing with a machine that has been running for more than five years and it is not performing as it should, it is likely that it just needs to upgrade to a new machine. 

The maximum number of years that a copier should run before you replace it is ten years, but five years is the average age for when a copier should be replaced. The money that you are spending on service and new parts will eventually cost more than the machine is worth. When you are unable to pay for the full price of a new copier upfront, you can always rent or lease one. 

When you bought your copier six or even seven years ago, it is possible that you have fewer people on staff and the demands at that time were not too high. But if you have grown as a company and now you have more people printing more documents, you could be exceeding the monthly duty cycle of your copier. The monthly duty cycle is the number of print jobs and copies that your machine can do. If you are pushing it to the brink or over it completely, you need to look at a machine that is built for higher performance to keep up with the demands of your ever-growing business. 

It is possible that your employee is wasting too much time waiting for the documents to print. You do not want your staff to have to stop or slow down for anything. When they are spending more time in line waiting for copies than they do at their desk, that is reducing the efficiency of your company. 

You might be surprised to hear that a copier can be hacked and all the information that is stored can be accessed that’s why you need IT Services in Buffalo. There are cybercriminals who can access the network and get your company’s sensitive information. Even if you have taken care to secure your computers and other information, one element that is commonly and easily overlooked is the printer and copier. If yours does not have the latest security measures built-in, then you are putting your information at risk. 

When do you get a copier technician for your copier, especially if your copier is Xerox? If you need someone to repair and manage the copier, you can call your copier technician. They can resolve and investigate repair and maintenance issues. They can also manage the inventory of parts, tools, and supplies. 

They can also check the new system to see if they are in order and they can assemble machines with hand and use power tools and measuring devices. They can run your copier to test the parts and they can conduct preventive maintenance and copier adjustments. 

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