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Just why do people want to venture into the world of business? Well, definitely to gain profit and to become entrepreneurs. Most business owners are very much determined to maintain the flow of their business. Besides, nobody wanted to lose the game. It takes courage and expertise to get into the marketing system and budget matters. Every penny counts, every piece of material should not go wasted or else, that would mean an additional expense instead of profit. A good business should be more profitable than spending too much on expenses. So, before gambling the risks of the high and lows, take, for example, buying a copier for your business.

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Even if the toner/ink costs could be deducted from your taxes, you still have to take responsibility for the supplies and bills added. Some printer manufacturers have the smart idea of selling their devices below cost and taking their profits from selling toner and ink. I guess that is smart enough for the business. Color copiers are quite expensive to be used because they require four cartridges (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black and white). Having a wifi or internet connection is an advantage in particular because it can monitor and send automatically when it detects that your ink and toner are getting low. Fortunately, there is some relief at obtaining a lower cost in your laser toner cartridges by using an inkjet copier. However, refilling toner cartridges or inkjet could be messy somehow and not for a mechanically-challenged type but more of a do-it-yourself.


If you have a small-sized business, you will probably be thinking of owning a copier that would not take so much of your time just to feed single sheets or refill paper through a copier. There are just a lot of things that should be done other than that. That is why it would be smart to choose a copier that could copy documents regularly at a capacity of at least 250 sheets or more and hold at least 30 sheets.


Just how much idle time would it take for a copier to take a warm-up time response that would mean some loss of production? Quality time is every business’ part of the goal program because the production also relies on the time spent. They would go for saving time rather than wasting time sitting idle for hours because of this delayed warm-up response from a copier. That is why you should go for one that is quality-friendly. There are copiers now that offer fewer than 10 seconds to keep you waiting for a warm-up time response. You can check them on the online market, which could only take one click. Check also for some users’ reviews and recommendations.


Small or home office businesses have enough time to consider some factors before having a –house copier. However, multifunction copiers are:

  • A good choice for one.
  • Combining all the printing functions and scanning.
  • Copying.
  • Faxing as an optional all-in-one device.

But you have to know that technically, the word “copier” nowadays is normally the printer because it has a built-in scanning so that a document can be reproduced and can be scanned by the printer. They continue to decline in price as with some electronics, yet their features continue to evolve as ever. But if you want more profitable production, choose a laser copier because they are capable of high-speed copying. Inkjets are more suitable for graphics, especially photographs, because they come at a much higher resolution.